The solution

The ViaNase™ Difference


Researchers and scientists have spent the last 25 years trying and failing to develop effective treatments for many unmet needs including brain diseases. The majority of the traditional treatments methods available can’t bypass the blood brain barrier, leaving the majority of the medication behind in the nasal cavity, sinuses, or GI tract. Other methods also can produce a number of undesirable side effects.

Chronic Sinusitis is the largest clinical unmet need in the U.S. according to the Mayo Clinic. Over 30 million patients in the U.S. suffer from this condition with another 2 billion worldwide. Delivery technology and a reformulated corticosteroid is the answer Kurve brings.

ViaNase™ Intelligent Delivery holds the key to overcoming these frustrating obstacles. This modified approach to treating Systemic and Central Nervous System disorders uses Kurve Therapeutics’ patented Controlled Particle Dispersion® technology to deliver medication precisely where it is needed, providing relief and a sense of wellbeing for patients battling brain disease.


Reduction in systemic side effects

Reduction of systemic side-effects by ensuring less medication reaches non-targeted areas.


Enhances the opportunity for bioavailability

Enhanced opportunity for bioavailability by delivering medication where it needs to go in the nasal cavity and brain.


Non-invasive / painless

Non-invasive / painless intranasal drug delivery.


Odorless / tasteless

Odorless / tasteless intranasal drug delivery.



Our device is easy to use — get the correct dose every time with the click of one button!


Increased patient compliance

Non-invasive, simplified, and features user-friendly modes of administration, all of which encourage patient compliance and use while minimizing application errors.


Lightweight / pocket-sized

Conveniently fits in your pocket!



Easily recharge your device from home.


Fast and easy to administer

It only takes a few seconds to administer with the click of one button!

The Proof

Thoroughly Vetted

Kurve Therapeutics’ revolutionary treatment system is featured in 18 peer-reviewed publications by
leading institutions such as:

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Kurve is at the forefront of a new era of systemic and central nervous system disorder treatments.

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