Kurve Therapeutics Clinical Trials

As we advance through each clinical trial phase, we want to offer transparency and insight into our efforts. We have successfully met our endpoints in Phase IIb in 3 separate clinical trials and are currently Phase III ready.

This is where you can find the latest list of clinical trials that Kurve has participated in, for which our next-generation technology was the device of choice.


Field of Study Conducted by
Alzheimer’s Disease Johns Hopkins
Alzheimer’s Disease (Phase I, II and IIB) Wake Forest
Alzheimer’s Disease Shankle Neurology Clinic
Parkinson’s Disease Shankle Neurology Clinic
Parkinson’s Disease University of Massachusetts
Multi-System Atrophy University of Massachusetts
Cognition in Diabetics Harvard Medical School
Cognition in multiple sclerosis (MS) Johns Hopkins
Traumatic Brain Injury Department of Defense
PTSD Department of Defense
PTSD Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Neuropathic Pain Johns Hopkins
Mood and Anxiety Disorders Karolinska University (Sweden)
Life Extension Leiden University (Netherlands)
Autism Pastorus