Peer reviewed publications reporting the effectiveness of the Kurve intranasal insulin product opens lines of communication between drug delivery researchers, device manufacturers. The first blog to address issues related to nasal drug delivery formulation, research, delivery, and devices was launched by Kurve Technology, Inc., a leading developer of nasal drug delivery devices.

The blog — — invites scientists, researchers and pharmaceutical executives to exchange and comment on clinical research, recently-published journal articles, events and conferences, and thought-provoking posts on systemic, topical, and nose-to-brain delivery.

“Our aim was to create an online forum for open communication in the nasal delivery industry,” said Marc Giroux, CEO of Kurve Technology. “Now academic researchers, pharmaceutical industry managers , and device professionals can interact every day rather then wait for the next conference or event. Pharmaceutical and trade media can also stay abreast of industry developments via the blog.”

Blog entries are authored by the executive team of Kurve Technology as well as guest contributors. Drug delivery professionals are encouraged to submit non-promotional posts at

About Kurve Technology, Inc. Kurve Technology, Inc. offers pharmaceutical companies innovative nasal delivery technologies for topical, systemic, nose-to-brain medical therapies and vaccines. Kurve’s Controlled Particle Dispersion (CPD)™ technology intranasally delivers formulations with far greater efficacy and efficiency than traditional methods. The ViaNase product line of intelligent atomizers incorporates CPD with the potential to deliver a wide range of formulations. Kurve Technology is headquartered in Bothell, WA with offices in Research Triangle Park, NC.

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