Bypassing the Blood-Brain-Barrier

Kurve Therapeutics is at the forefront of a new era of central nervous system (CNS) disorder treatments. We are an innovative specialty-drug and medical technology company focused on developing treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.

Kurve Therapeutics is taking bold steps to be market-ready — we are ready for Phase III clinical trials in three separate target diseases. Our next-generation technology has been used in five double-blind placebo-controlled Phase II studies and is ready for Phase III with Alzheimer’s patients.

The Upcoming Regulation A Offering:

Kurve Therapeutics has filed a Regulation A offering with the SEC in 2022. We are opening investment opportunities to the general public to support clinical studies of our breakthrough technology and drug formulations — if successful, we’ll move to the next stages of development and launch.

What does an investment in Kurve Therapeutics mean?

Help millions of people.

1 in 6 people — over one billion people — suffer from neurological disorders.

Every 3 seconds, someone in the world develops dementia.

Impact a vast market.

The market size for dementia alone is $1.3 trillion.

If dementia was a country, it would be the 14th-largest economy in the world.

Reshape the medical field.

Our mission is to revolutionize the treatment landscape of CNS disorders, bringing new hope to those suffering with limited treatment options.

Next-Generation Medtech

ViaNase™: Intelligent Delivery, the Future of CNS Treatments

Kurve offers a new, disease-modifying approach to treating CNS disorders with our patented Controlled Particle Dispersion (CPD)® technology. Our advanced technology creates a precisely-controlled turbulent flow, designed to allow a larger portion of disease-modifying formulations to be delivered to targeted areas of the brain with precise dosage control. Traditional intranasal delivery methods such as nasal sprays cannot bypass the blood-brain barrier, leaving the majority of the medication in the nasal cavity, sinuses, or GI tract.

Our medtech innovation features:

Medtech Innovators

Meet the team behind the breakthrough.

Marc Giroux Chairman

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

As a serial entrepreneur and founder of five companies, Marc Giroux has closed agreements with global industry-leading pharmaceutical companies — including four of the top 20 international firms.

Glenn Cornett, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Biotech entrepreneur and advisor, Dr. Cornett has a long, proven history of creating substantial growth within biotech companies.

Tom S. McDowell

Chief Operating Officer

An accomplished and highly regarded COO, Tom McDowell excels at creating organized, functional accounting structures, serving as a stabilizing force and contributing to the growth of a number of businesses across multiple industries.

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