Our Mission and Vision

To put it simply: we do this because we can and because we have to.

Our mission is to help as many people as we possibly can in their fight with neurodegenerative disorders. Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders are a scourge because, by their very nature, they are very difficult to treat. Our hope is that these complex, debilitating disorders may have a solution when paired with the right medication and the right technology. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for patients and provide a solution where their past treatments have failed them. We want to bring new hope into the treatment of CNS disorders and into the lives of those suffering from them.

Our Purpose

Kurve Therapeutics was founded by a chronic sinusitis sufferer determined to cure what repeated attempts — and several surgeries — could not.

Through his extensive research and development, his first device was born. Amazed at how it helped his chronic sinusitis after years of suffering, he knew he had to share his invention with the world. He began his research with leading institutions such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins to determine how his device could be used to benefit those suffering from similar conditions, as well as a vast array of other disorders — including those with fewer treatment options.

Nose-to-brain delivery and bypassing the blood-brain barrier (BBB) have long been the elusive “holy grail” for the treatment of CNS diseases. We knew that was our target, but we also wanted to do more than that; we wanted to create a product that would effectively bypass the BBB while still allowing dosage control, with the hope of yielding higher efficacy rates than any other treatment to date.

The first clinical trial where the endpoints were met was with Kurve devices administering insulin nose-to-brain for Alzheimer’s disease. We believe our purpose is to help people, to eliminate suffering — to bring valuable change.

Core Values

Kurve Company Mission If You Can Help, You Should

If You Can Help, You Should

We believe in helping people. We refuse to sit idly if we can create solutions to ease the pain of people who are suffering.

Kurve Company Mission There is a Better Way

There Is a Better Way

It’s time for a fresh take on CNS medication delivery — Kurve Therapeutics is developing a different way to treat disorders through next-generation technology that is designed to deliver medication to the brain.

Kurve Company Mission Suffering Should Not Be the Only Option

Suffering Should Not Be the Only Option

The status quo shouldn’t have to be the only option; CNS disorders are complex and hard to treat, but that doesn’t mean patients have to suffer hopelessly.

Kurve Company Mission One-of-a-Kind Treatment

One-of-a-Kind Technology

Kurve is developing our novel Controlled Particle Dispersion (CPD)® technology. In preliminary studies, Kurve technology has shown to penetrate the BBB with a host of formulations that include: stem cells, emulsions, nanoparticles, proteins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, live vaccines, inert vaccines, solutions, suspensions and combination products (systemic and nose-to-brain).

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